Saturday, 28 December 2013

Marine Science Geek Heaven :D

Early in the last expedition I had the opportunity to go out with Minnie, our LMMA (Locally Managed Marine Area) coordinator, while she made the trip to demarcate one of our permanent reserves. This has been a long project; replacing the buoys marking the 5 no-take zone in Velondriake. Minnie worked tirelessly to get the buoys constructed in Andava to the right dimensions and working with the local communities to get them installed.

We took a vidette pulling a pirogue, holding the concrete base of the buoy. On the way our captain slowed the boat down as we passed by a hammerhead shark :D

Our boat convoy

When we got to the reserve it was no easy task positioning the pirogue exactly over the correct point. When in place the guys pushed the concrete block over the edge of the boat and it was done! The nadoodas from the reserves’ associated village had come with us to do a fumba (blessing) when we dropped it in. Once the fumba was complete we quickly moved through the reserve with a small sonar to undertake a quick survey of the area and then headed back to Andava in time for lunch!

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